Grumpy Camel



Hi, I’m Daniela, a travel blogger who loves to explore new places at a slow pace, drink coffee, and stalk raccoons on Instagram.

me in the meadows

I created Grumpy Camel in February 2015, a few months after returning from an adventure-packed journey through Morocco. My encounter with a cranky camel called Bob Marley was the inspiration behind the blog’s name. Since then, I have hiked through bear populated forests in Romania, slept under the stars in the Scottish Highlands (and survived multiple midge attacks), and eloped to Cuba with the man of my dreams. I have also sipped many nice coffees in cities across Europe, while my thirst for adventure has taken me up a couple of unforgiving mountains.

I grew up in Malta, a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea. In 2017, my husband and I moved to Edinburgh, where I read for a master’s degree in social anthropology. When I’m not busy working on my blog or looking at photos of raccoons, you can find me stuffing my face with cake at one of my local coffee shops.

Grumpy Camel is about embracing slow travel. My aim is to help travellers connect with a place through its people, history and cuisine. I believe that travel should be about meaningful and authentic experiences, not long bucket lists or jam-packed itineraries. In fact, you won’t find any 1-day city itineraries or ’10 countries in 1 month’ type of posts on this site. My travel guides are written for travellers who enjoy exploring new countries and cities at a leisurely pace. 

Want to share your slow travel experiences with me and other like-minded travellers? Use hashtags #EmbraceSlowTravel and #TravelSlower to connect.