Best US Road Trips for Your Next Adventure

The great US road trip is an absolute must for all those adventurers out there who love exploring and enjoy slow travelling.

Even at speeds of 70mph with landscapes whizzing by, this is still an exceptionally slow way to travel by today’s standards. Taking pit stops, detours and generally just being out on the open road and seeing all the natural beauty that the US has to offer.

There is so much to enjoy on a US road trip – from the Grand Canyon and the Badlands, to the white sands and massive sequoia trees. And the best way to experience these natural wonders is by going on a road trip.

Here are some of the best US road trips.

Glacier National Park | Best US road trips
Glacier National Park, USA. Photo by Ruben van Wijngaarden on Unsplash.

1. Montana Road Trip

Montana has some truly exceptional highlights for you to explore. The Going-to-the-Sun road is one of the most beautiful and scenic routes in the entire world, and then you have Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald and Logan Pass to hike through and enjoy.

The perfect Montana road trip is an absolute must when it comes to those who love the great outdoors, mountaineering, skiing or hiking.

Zion National Park | Best US road trips
Zion National Park. Photo by Ilona Bellotto on Unsplash.

2. South-West Road Trip

In the south-west of the United States of America you have the stunning state of California, as well as Nevada, Arizona and Utah. It is where you can find the Grand Canyon, desert and mountains alike.

The San Francisco to Salt Lake city loop is a truly great road trip to enjoy in the area, and will allow you to see Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Death Valley, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and Salt Lake City.

The Pacific Coast Highway | Best US road trips
The Pacific Coast Highway, California. Photo by Joe Pilié on Unsplash.

3. The Pacific Coast Highway

For another road trip that you can begin (and in this case end) in California you have the Pacific Coast Highway. This route is very easy to enjoy, because it follows one highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles. You’ll see stunning ocean-side views, as well as be able to stop in the sunny seaside towns.

The best part about this route is that so many areas are inaccessible via public transport, meaning they can feel like isolated retreats just for yourself.

South Beach, Miami. Photo by Matt Alaniz on Unsplash.

4. Over the Ocean

If you want that Caribbean vibe, but still wanted to stick with the road trip, then there is no better route to take than over the Overseas Highway, which takes you right from Miami to Key West.

This road takes you over 42 incredible bridges and over crystalline waters to a series of Floridian islands until you reach Key West, the holiday retreat grand master.

Blue Ridge Parkway. Photo by Matt Benson on Unsplash.

5. North-East Road Trip

In the north-east you have the Blue Ridge Parkway and the stunning Virginian countryside.

This road trip is best taken during the autumn season, when the cool, crisp weather comes in and transforms the landscape into sunning reds, yellows and oranges. For those in Scotland, the scene of the Virginian countryside alight in colour without a cloudy sky in sight is certainly worth driving for.

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