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5 Essential Tips for People Who Are Scared of Flying

This is a guest post by Liam Martins.
Getting on a plane can be an ordeal if you’ve got a phobia of flying. In truth, hurtling through the air at blistering speeds isn’t what the human body was built for, so there’s some logic behind this kind of fear. The good news is there are various ways of coping with this common phobia.
Don’t let your fear of flying put you off experiencing your life to the fullest! Here are 5 essential tips for reducing flight anxiety when you next get on a plane.
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1. Watch a film or read

Distracting yourself with a movie or a book is a fantastic way of taking your mind away from your concerns. Immersing yourself in some form of media is a guaranteed way of diverting your focus away from a negative and towards a positive.
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2. Educate yourself about planes

The more knowledge you have, the more power you have. If you know nothing about what to expect on a plane journey, there’s a good chance you’ll end up working yourself into a frenzy about the little things – particularly the rather unique experience of turbulence.
Bill Watts, a retired airline captain, provides further detail on the subject, highlighting why you have nothing to fear when it comes to a turbulent few minutes. The more you know about this kind of thing, the less likely you are to be concerned when, or if, it strikes.

3. Organise your pre- and post-flight plans

Having all your ducks in a row before and after the flight means you’ll be able to stress a lot less – which in turn will serve to keep you far more level-headed throughout your journey. 1cover point out how to do this, with particular emphasis put on having your transport sorted ahead of time.
This extends beyond that though, to knowing roughly where and when you’re going to eat, and exactly where you’re headed when it comes to your accommodation. Knowing as much as possible will make a big difference throughout your journey.
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4. Tell people how to help you

People will want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible – especially if you’ve already let them know you have issues when it comes to flying. Give them as much detail as you can, highlighting how they might be able to reach out and help you.
This can be done in a number of ways, from writing out a list for them ahead of time, to telling them in the moment what kind of support you need. Even something as simple as giving them a hug can help massively.

5. Plan to do work

If all else fails, throw yourself into work. Take some with you on the plane and get it done at a time when you want to distract yourself from what’s going on around you. This doesn’t have to be the most important job in the world, just anything which takes your mind off of what’s happening.

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