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How to Make Money While Travelling as a Digital Nomad

When we go on vacation, most of us are able to let go of our day-to-day responsibilities and enjoy our holiday. But when it’s time to return home from vacation, reality sets in and we’re sucked back into our routine. Some of us go back to a job that we don’t even like.

All too often, we catch ourselves saying “I wish I could travel more”. Well, have you ever stopped to think why you can’t travel more? The typical response to this question is either that traveling is too expensive or that we don’t have enough vacation leave.

Well, what if I told you that there was a way for you to travel more and make money while travelling? Moreover, you also get to create your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want.

Yes, it’s possible to make money while travelling. Here’s a quick guide to becoming a digital nomad and making your travel dreams a reality.

How to make money while travelling
Remote work is becoming more popular.

What’s a digital nomad lifestyle?

Simply put, a digital nomad is someone who travels the world and earns an income through internet-based jobs. This lifestyle allows you to visit countries that have always been on your bucket list. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can virtually do any job you want.

Most digital nomads typically live in a particular destination for a few months to take in the culture before jetting off to another place. Then again, some digital nomads love a destination so much that they decide to stay there for a few years! But ultimately, it’s up to you as to how long you choose to stay in one particular location.

How to make money while travelling
There are several things to think about before becoming a digital nomad.

Making money as a digital nomad: Things to think about

The ‘making money’ aspect of the digital nomad lifestyle is what makes people a little uneasy. It’s perfectly understandable – anybody would be a bit reluctant to give up a steady income or a 9-5 office job. However, you can still earn steady and reliable income the same as you would if you commuted to the office every day.

In fact, your earning potential as a digital nomad is significantly greater than it is at your full-time job, simply because as a digital nomad, you can have multiple sources of income. But the thing to understand about having multiple sources of income is that you still have to work hard.

This means that as a digital nomad, you must maintain the same work ethic you would have if you were working a full-time job. However, it’s also important to make sure you have a healthy, work-life balance.

According to, the best way to maximize your work-life balance is to travel slow and work fast. In other words, work hard so you can “play hard,” which really means giving yourself more time to immerse yourself in the culture of your destination.

How to make money while travelling
Remote jobs can be found across different industries.

Ways to earn money as a digital nomad

Earning potential and work ethic are two important things to think about when it comes to switching to a digital nomad lifestyle. The other important aspect of this lifestyle is to find ways to earn a sustainable income.

Take a look at the top ways to earn money as a digital nomad.

Work remotely for a company

Remote work is growing at a rapid rate because more and more businesses are discovering the benefits of hiring remote workers. In fact, remote workers are a major contributing factor in increase in production and overall efficiency.

Remote workers are hired across various industries. So whether you choose customer service, digital marketing, or web design, remote work opportunities are endless. You also have the option of checking with your current employer for work-from-home opportunities.

Check out my top tips for working from home (without losing your mind!)

Open an online shop.

Build an online store

Building an online store is a great way to earn steady and passive income. You’ll do a little bit of work in the building and setting up of your store but once your site is built, you can start accepting orders in minutes!

Now, one thing to think about when starting your online store is that in order to get customers, some marketing efforts are required. You’ll want to think about the platforms you want to use to get the word out about your store.

Marketing is a key contributor to the success of your store, but some of us don’t have the time or know-how to implement an effective marketing plan. The great news is that you don’t have to go it alone. For instance, Shopify offers its own marketing service and promotes your online store, therefore you don’t have to worry about increasing your store’s online presence.

Work as a freelancer and set your own schedule.

Work as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you’re taking a particular skill set and profiting off of it. If you’re skilled in writing, you can be a freelance writer. If you’re skilled in accounting, you can become a freelance accountant.

The great thing about freelance work is that everything is on your terms. A potential client might need a particular job or service done and you can respond by letting them know what you can do, when you can do it, and how much you can do it for.

You want to be fair in your service prices but also take into consideration your skill level and how long it will take you to do the job for them. As a freelancer, you’re your own boss!

Tip: I highly recommend getting an insurance subscription if you’re planning to travel frequently. SafetyWing offer a travel medical insurance subscription made specifically for digital nomads – just choose a start date and it will automatically extend until you cancel. 

digital nomad lifestyle 1
digital nomad lifestyle 2

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