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10 Beautiful Notebooks for Travel Writers

A writer can never have too many notebooks, especially one who travels. Some of us collect beautiful travel notebooks, making sure we’ve got one for every new adventure.

Well, a notebook makes the perfect travel companion – it keeps your memories safe, and you can always revisit a place through your writings.

If you enjoy recording your adventures in words or writing stories while travelling, or know someone who does, here are 10 beautiful travel notebooks that are just waiting to be filled with memories.  

Beautiful Travel Notebooks
A writer can never have too many notebooks!

1. MALEDEN Vintage Traveler Notebook

Beautiful Travel Notebooks

I’m a big fan of vintage journals, and this is one that I would happily carry with me everywhere, especially since it’s a refillable diary. Yep, that’s right – you’ll never run out of pages with this one. This journal also comes with 6 card slots and a zipper pouch.

2. Sass & Belle Big Ideas Notebook

beautiful travel notebooks

This pocket-sized notebook is super practical – you can tuck it into any bag or pouch and it’s always handy for a quick scribble, whether you’re sitting on a crammed bus or walking through a busy street.

3. Travel Compact Journal

beautiful travel notebooks

This beautiful journal has a die-cut foldover front panel that closes with a magnet, making your writing secure. It also has a cover pocket where you can keep tickets, receipts and other important things.

4. BTSKY Leather Refillable Travel Journal

beautiful travel notebooks

This retro leather journal makes a great travel companion. It is refillable and contains blank pages, so you can also use it as a sketchbook. It is available in blue and red, and they’re both equally beautiful.

5. Adventure Hardback Journal A6 Notebook

beautiful travel notebooks

It’s an old-school journal, but we all love maps. This one has silver metallic edged pages and it also has a personalised feel about it.

6. Cute A5 Notebook by Notebook Love

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This notebook is both cute and practical. It is compact and comes in different colourful prints – I love the one with the gorgeous zebra heads.

7. Busy B Travel Holiday Planner

beautiful travel notebooks

Get creative with this gorgeous notebook by Busy B, which comes with stickers, a pull-out map, tabbed sections for each trip & more practical features. It also has a waterproof cover.

8. Make Your Own Sunshine Travel Notebook

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A simple yet colourful notebook to brighten up your day. I think it’s perfect for some morning journal writing and goal listing – the cover inspires you to get out there and enjoy the day to the full.

9. Sari Journal by Paper High

Looking for a unique and ethical notebook? This handmade sari journal is made from recycled paper in a fair trade environment. I own one myself and love everything about it.

10. Castelli World Travel Journal Notebook

41bAVP8ZtFL. SL250

You cannot go wrong with a good old-fashioned diary. The embossed design adds a nice touch to it. The notebook comes with a wooden pencil.

You can find more beautiful items for travel writers and bloggers in this post.

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