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What to Pack for Malta (And What to Wear)

Wondering what to pack for Malta?

To help you plan a safe and enjoyable trip, I’ve put together a packing list with essential items. These include safety gear, body care products, beach items, and a few things you might overlook.

In this packing guide, we’ll look at what to pack for Malta in summer and winter. I’ll also show you what to wear in Malta at different times of the year. Let’s get started!

What to pack and wear for Malta in summer

Maltese summers are super hot! You’ll want to wear light clothes and pack plenty of spare t-shirts (you’ll be sweating a lot!).

Things to pack for Malta in summer

Let’s start by looking at what to pack for Malta in summer.

Stainless steel water bottle

stainless steel water bottle | what to pack for malta

Summer temperatures in Malta soar to 40°C, with heatwaves starting as early as June. This stainless steel bottle by Tree Tribe comes with double wall insulation, which keeps water cool for the entire day. It’s ideal for hiking in the heat and spending long days at the beach.

I highly suggest keeping large bottles of water in the fridge at your accommodation and filling your stainless steel bottle with cold water every day. Tap water in Malta is safe to drink, but it doesn’t taste great.

Microfibre sand-free beach towels

Dock & Bay beach towels

You cannot visit Malta without heading to the beach at least once. If you’re visiting Malta in winter, you might still get the right weather for a beach day – or at least it might be warm enough to dip your feet in the water.

These Dock & Bay towels are perfect for your beach trip – they’re quick dry and sand-free! They also come with a travel pouch for compact packing and a hook for hanging the towel to dry.  

Ultrasonic pest repeller

Ultrasonic pest repeller

If you’re visiting Malta in summer, be prepared for an assault by mosquitoes – and an invasion of cockroaches!

I highly recommend packing an ultrasonic pest repeller, ideal for keeping away all sorts of insects as well as mice. I’ve used this product in Malta for those pesky mosquitoes and relentless cockroaches.

Mosquito spray


Another must-have for your Malta packing list is an insect repelling spray. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin a lovely evening by the sea – or keep you awake at night.

This insect repellent spray is very effective and offers protection for up to 8 hours. It is also moisturising and has a pleasant smell.

Waterproof bag and phone case

Waterproof bag and phone case

Beach theft is quite common in Malta. If you’re travelling to Malta solo, you may have no choice but to leave your bag unattended while going for a swim, which is why I highly recommend getting this waterproof bag to take into the sea with you.

Both bum bag and phone case have triple seal protection. The phone case is transparent, so you can take photos while swimming!  

Reusable silicone ear plugs

silicone ear plugs jpg

One thing you’ll notice when visiting Malta in summer is that the island can be pretty noisy. Every week there are at least three towns celebrating the annual festa (a religious feast dedicated to the town’s patron saint) with loads of petards and fireworks.

Which is why I suggest packing some ear plugs. These soft silicone ear plugs by Deep Sleeps are reusable and if they’re too big you can simply remove some of the silicone.

Unisex tank top with secret pockets

tank top with secret pocket

Although pickpocketing is not a big problem in Malta, you do need to be super careful in some areas, particularly in Valletta, Sliema and St. Julian’s.

These tank tops by Clever Travel Companion are perfect for keeping your passports, money and credit cards safe – and they’re also the right thing to wear for Malta’s warm weather.  

Anti-theft crossbody bag

anti-theft bag | what to pack for malta

Another way to stay safe in Malta, especially in busy and crowded places, is to carry an anti-theft bag.

This Travelong anti-theft crossbody bag comes with zippered RFID blocking pocket, a tethered key clip with LED light and zippered pockets.

Non-slip beach sandals

Nonslip beach sandals | malta packing list

Hate sand? Thankfully, there are plenty of rocky bays – the only problem is that you’ll have to walk on rugged and potentially slippery terrain.

While flip flops can be very comfy, avoid wearing them on Malta’s rocky coastline. Instead, pack a pair of beach sandals with thick, non-slip soles.

Sun Cream SPF50

Uvistat suncream | things to pack in Malta

If you’re planning to visit Malta in summer, you’re going to need good sun protection. Uvistat’s sun cream offers high protection for sensitive skin, and it’s also fragrance free.

Maltese summers can be quite harsh, so I highly recommend putting on sun cream every day, even if you’re not planning to go to the beach – I got some of my worst sunburns while driving!  

Polarised sunglasses

polaroid sunglasses | what to pack for malta

Malta’s summer sun can be blinding, especially when driving. Whether you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors or driving around Malta, a good pair of sunglasses is a must.

These stylish sunglasses come with UV400 polarised lenses and are perfect for driving and outdoor activities.

Camera lens hood and cap

lens hoods jpg

Want to take stunning photos of Malta without getting lens flare? I highly recommend getting a lens hood for your SLR, especially if you’re planning to go hiking.

These lens hoods block excessive sunlight and reduce lens flare and glare, without making your pictures look dark. The tulip flower lens hood in this set is perfect for wide angle lenses.

Reusable bamboo drinking straws

bamboo straws

Unfortunately, Malta is not the most eco-friendly place on the planet. Plastic waste is a huge problem in the country, and not many outlets on the island implement green initiatives.

Getting a reusable bamboo straw is just one of the many ways you can contribute to a greener planet. These straws by Jungle Straws are 100% organic and come with a cleaning brush and travel pouches – just make sure you always carry one in your bag for those cocktails by the sea.

What to wear in Malta in summer

Now, here’s what to wear in Malta in summer to keep your body cool.

Baggy shorts

Baggy shorts | what to wear for Malta

First, you’ll want to make sure you have a comfy pair of shorts that you can walk around in all day.

If you prefer wearing skirts, you might still want to pack a pair of shorts for windy days.

Forget about wearing jeans if you’re visiting Malta in the peak of summer – you’ll have to peel them off your legs!

Recommended product: Casual Shorts with elastic waist and pockets

Cotton t-shirts

cotton tops | what to wear in Malta in summer

Cotton absorbs moisture, which makes it an ideal material for those sweltering summer days.

You’ll want to pack a lot of t-shirts for Malta – you’ll probably change your outfit twice in a day (and have about 3 cold showers!).

Recommended product: Classic-fit 100% cotton t-shirt

Breathable walking shoes

Breathable walking shoes | what to wear in Malta

If you’re planning to do a lot of sightseeing, you’ll need to wear a pair of walking shoes.

However, you don’t want to be walking around in sweaty feet!

Packing lightweight and breathable shoes can help you explore Malta more comfortably.

Recommended product: Low-rise breathable walking shoes

Harem trousers

Harem trousers

If you’re wondering what to wear in Malta to protect your skin from the sun, a pair of harem trousers is another essential.

They’re also ideal for breezy nights by the sea, or if you’re planning to go on a yoga retreat in Malta.

Plus, they’re a versatile item – you can wear them with a t-shirt during the day, and pair them with an elegant top in the evening.

Recommended product: Hippie trousers with pockets

Sandals with cushioned soles

Sandals with cushioned soles

Not everyone is a fan of sandals. But you might need to wear them while you’re in Malta, especially if you’re planning trips to the beach.

You’ll want to wear sandals with thick soles to protect your feet from uneven ground.

Recommended product: Slim-stretch sandals with cushioned soles

Foldable fedora

foldable fedora hat | things to pack for Malta

A lightweight hat can help protect your head against direct sunlight, and is easy to carry around.

Plus, a stylish hat can add a bit of spice to your summer outfit!

Recommended product: Straw roll up fedora with UPF30+ protection

What to pack and wear for Malta in winter

Maltese winters are quite mild. We get a mix of sun and rain, with the average temperature hovering between 12 and 18 degrees.

Things to pack for Malta in winter

Let’s look at what to pack for Malta in winter.

Waterproof Packable Jacket

Waterproof jacket

Contrary to popular belief, it does rain in Malta. In fact, the island gets frequent thunderstorms between October and April.

While the best time to visit Malta is during the off-peak season, make sure you pack a good waterproof jacket so you can still explore the island in bad weather. If you like to travel light, get a packable lightweight rain jacket.

Waterproof walking shoes

Waterproof walking shoes

Another essential thing to pack for Malta in winter is a pair of waterproof walking shoes.

Even if you’re not planning to go hiking, you’ll still need to wear comfy shoes when exploring cities like Valletta and Mdina. Many places have uneven ground – and quite a few potholes!

Plus, they’ll keep your feet dry and warm in the rain.

Warm scarf with secret pocket

warm infinity scarf | what to wear in Malta in winter

While pickpocketing is more common in summer, you may still want to be a little careful if you’re visiting in winter. Places like Valletta can get really crowded during the Christmas holidays.

This infinity scarf with a secret pocket will keep you warm and your belongings safe. You can store your phone, money, and other valuables inside it.

A cosy fleece

Cosy fleece | what to wear in Malta in winter

Winters in Malta can be really cold! Even if the temperature is higher than what you’re used to at this time of year, the sea air can make it feel colder.

Also, many buildings in Malta were designed to keep the heat out rather than retain it, which means in winter it may feel colder inside than it does outside.

This cosy fleece by Mountain Warehouse will help you keep warm and can be worn as a baselayer.

What to wear in Malta in winter

Essentially, you’ll want to wear warm clothes and carry a waterproof jacket with you. However, winter starts late in Malta, and summer starts early.

Therefore, let’s break down what to wear in Malta month by month, starting from autumn and finishing with spring.

What to pack for Malta in October: jeans, t-shirts, waterproof jacket

What to pack for Malta in November: jeans, t-shirts and long-sleeved tops & light jacket

What to wear in Malta in December: jeans, tops with long sleeves, hoodies/cardigans & a warm coat

What to pack for Malta in January: jeans, warm leggings/tights, woollen tops & thick waterproof jackets

What to wear in Malta in February: jeans, warm leggings/tights, cosy tops and coats & waterproof jacket

What to pack for Malta in March: jeans, tops, hoodies & a rain jacket

What to wear in Malta in April: jeans, t-shirts, hoodies & cardigans

What to wear in Malta in May: jeans, t-shirts & cardigans

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