Top 10 Places to Visit in Europe This Year

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This is a guest post by Steve Conway, a techie by profession and a passionate traveller who loves to soak up the sun, swim in azure waters and explore far-off destinations that hold the promise of great adventure.
Do you want to explore a new destination this year? Whether you are looking for a family-
friendly location, a city break, a romantic getaway, a cultural or gastronomic trip, Europe has
plenty to offer.
Here are the top 10 places to visit this year. When you get to the bottom of the list, you’ll be ready to start making your plans!

1. Braga, Portugal

The city of Braga is just a 1-hour train ride from Porto and has been attracting travellers from all over the world for years. Enjoy a romantic break, a shopping extravaganza, musical experience or just revel in its beauty. Holidays in Portugal can provide opportunities for relaxation, cultural experiences, adventure, sun and sea, and much more.

2. Matera, Italy

This stunning ancient city is located in the deep south of Italy. Alongside Plovdiv in Bulgaria, it’s currently in the spotlight as the 2019 European Capital of Culture. There are many events held throughout the year, and many of the derelict limestone grottoes have been turned into galleries, restaurants, and smart design hotels.

3. Greenland

Once-in-a-lifetime adventurers have to add Greenland to their bucket list. Geographically it’s part of North America, but it’s actually an autonomous constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark, which is why it can be included in this list. Breath-taking rocky fjords, quiet, colourful towns and majestic glaciers make it an inspiring place for you to visit this year.

4. Ukraine

While this is not a country that often features in holiday destination lists, it does have a lot to offer. There are Black Sea resorts and beautiful cities, such as Kiev. If cost is an issue, you won’t find a much cheaper destination in Europe.

5. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is not the kind of destination you’ll look for if it’s a beach holiday you want, as it’s a central European landlocked country. Nevertheless, it is one of the most affordable and beautiful European destinations. Must-see attractions include unspoiled countryside and national parks, and stunning medieval castles, including Cesky Krumlov castle.

6. Ireland

7. The Faroe Islands

8. Soca Valley, Slovenia

Lovers of nature and adventure should include Slovenia’s Soca Valley in their holiday plans this year. It’s a natural paradise with land carved by emerald green waters flowing between Alpine peaks. Kayaking, rafting, paragliding and more can be enjoyed by all adrenaline junkies.

9. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is perfect for a city break, especially if you like shopping, culture, and nature. It’s one-of-a-kind setting, sitting as it does on the shores of the biggest lake in Western Europe. You’re able to enjoy skiing in the morning, shopping in the afternoon and dining out in style in the evening.

10. Bratislava, Slovakia

The capital city of Slovakia combines centuries-old history with a modern twist. Enjoy a city break full of culture, excellent cuisine, a unique atmosphere, and exclusive experiences.
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Have you been to any of these amazing places in Europe?
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