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Preparing to Travel for 6 Months? Here’s Why You Should Sell Off Your Antiques

Travelling the world for six months (or longer) can be an extraordinary adventure. However, it also requires some logistics.

One thing you may not have thought about is what to do with valuable items like antiques. The suggestion might seem unorthodox, but perhaps you should consider selling them.

Here are five reasons why you might want to sell your antiques before you travel.

Selling antiques before travel (5 good reasons)

It helps you finance your travels

Your belongings often have sentimental value, so making the decision to sell your antique objects may seem counterintuitive.

However, they can also be considerable financial assets that you can convert into a form of liquid capital for your journey. Serious collectors and antique enthusiasts are willing to pay substantial sums for unique and valuable pieces.

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A targeted sale to the right person or at an auction could generate a substantial boost to your travel fund. This windfall could cover additional experiences, higher-grade accommodation, or provide a safety net for unexpected expenses.

You can minimizing storage responsibilities

Leaving for six months also means leaving behind your possessions, which may require careful consideration about storage. Antiques, in particular, require special care.

They are often delicate and sensitive to environmental factors like light, temperature, and humidity that can damage or degrade them over time. Organizing a climate-controlled storage unit for half a year could become a costly venture.

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Selling your antiques eliminates this responsibility and reduces stress surrounding their well-being during your travels.

It decreases home insurance

Antique collections can significantly impact home insurance premiums since these take into consideration the value of contents. Some antique collections may even demand specialized insurance.

By selling antiques before your long-term travel, you could reduce your home insurance premium. This reduction could result in significant savings over six months, which could be redirected towards your travel budget.

You can relieve burden on loved ones

In your absence, caretaking responsibilities for your home and belongings usually fall on the shoulders of family or friends.

Depending on the magnitude and value of your antique collection, this responsibility could be considerable, especially due to the care they require to stay in top shape.

Selling your antiques can ease what might be an undue burden on your loved ones, allowing them to focus on maintaining other aspects of your home without worrying about special care for delicate items.

It helps you reassess your priorities

Finally, the decision to take an extensive trip often prompts reassessments of your life priorities. It’s a time to declutter and streamline your life, narrowing it down to essentials and experiences.

This process can lead you to question the role of material possessions, serving as an opportunity to let go of items that no longer serve an essential purpose.

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Antiques, while undoubtedly beautiful and valuable, are often tied to the past. Selling them might symbolize letting go of some of this past to allow for new future experiences and memories.

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