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7 Essentials for Solo Female Travellers

More and more women are choosing to travel alone. In fact, female solo travel has increased by 62% over the past three years.

However, travelling solo can seem like a daunting experience. As a woman, it’s normal to feel wary of your surroundings. Fortunately, there are some things you take with you that can make you feel a little safer – and more confident!

So, let’s look at a few solo female travel essentials for safer and more enjoyable trips.

A woman hiking | Solo female travel essentials
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1. An ultralight backpack

Whether you’re a backpacker or a city lover, you’ll need a comfortable travel bag. Since you’re travelling alone, you must find a backpack that can keep all of your essentials secure without weighing you down.

The volume of your backpack will depend on the number of items you have and the length of your trip. Solo female backpackers may need 30 to 45-litre backpacks for long holidays or hiking trips. If you’re going on a weekend trip, you’ll likely survive with a 25-litre pack.

Regardless of the size, the backpack should be made with lightweight materials like ripstop nylon or Dyneema composite fabric.

Plus, you’ll want a bag with enough padding and support to carry your items across long distances.

This backpacks is one of the best solo female travel essentials.

This 40-litre backpack is made of tear-resistant material, with sturdy zippers and fastening points.

Additionally, it’s lightweight and it can easily fold into its own little pocket.

This backpack comes with a few safety features, including a reflective strip for night travel and a whistle buckle.

Plus, it’s fun and colourful!

Learn more about the POKARLA lightweight backpack for women.

2. Sun protection

Sun protection is a must, especially if you’re travelling in summer. The heat can be very intense in Europe during this season, and it can be even more extreme in certain parts of Asia and Africa.

a woman sitting on the beach over a towel
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The sun’s UV rays can damage your skin and speed up its aging process, making it crucial for you to lather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

You can use the Coola body organic sunscreen spray for easy application or choose inexpensive options like the Bondi Sands SPF 50+ body lotion.

Unfortunately, UV rays can also damage your eyes and increase your risk of having corneal damage or cataracts. Therefore, it’s a must to invest in sunglasses that have tints and lenses that can block UV light.

You can adequately protect your eyes from UV rays with cost-effective products from Glasses Direct.

3. Menstrual cup

If you’re travelling for weeks or months, you might want to bring a menstrual cup. This is small and flexible, so it will take much less space in your bag than tampon boxes and sanitary towels.

Most of all, menstrual cups can make it easier to deal with your period during your trip. These feminine hygiene products can collect a lot of fluid, making it possible for you to wear them for up to 12 hours.

Additionally, you won’t need to use a replacement product as you can just wash the cup and reuse it.

Thanks to this product, you can go on a day trip or hit the beach worrying about your period.

4. Sarong

A sarong is another essential for the female packing list. This is primarily used as a cover-up at the beach, but it can serve other purposes too.

For example, you can use your sarong to keep yourself warm on the plane, or even on cold buses.

These sarongs can also be useful when you have to cover your waist and legs in temples and other religious sites.

On top of that, you can use sarongs as a substitute for other items. For instance, it can be used as a towel because it dries up easily within the day, as well as a bandage, sling, or support in case of emergencies.

Recommended sarong for solo female travellers

This sarong is one of our favorite female travel essentials

This beautiful multi-purpose sarong is ideal for summer travel. You can wear it on the beach, use it as a shawl or headscarf, and have a picnic on it.

The material is soft and silky, and its colours are really vibrant.

It’s very easy to tie, and you can wear it short as well as long.

Learn more about this beautiful CHIC DIARY sarong.

5. Wedding band

It may sound silly to wear a fake wedding band while you’re on holiday. However, many solo female travellers do this to prevent unwanted attention and advances while exploring a country.

In fact, a survey commissioned by World Travel Protection revealed that 19% of female business travellers wear a wedding ring on their trip.

If you’re visiting a country where sexual harassment is common, wearing a ring can help. However, you’ll still want to take some precautions, like staying in safe neighbourhoods and booking taxis for late-night trips.

6. Safety equipment

Travelling on your own can feel a little dangerous for newbies. However, the right tools can help put your mind at ease.

Solo female traveller Gabi Nowak-Jelonek from Gabs Explores recommends buying some equipment that can help you protect your physical and mental well-being.

This includes a travel door lock that can keep your room shut or a personal alarm that you can use for personal defence.

You can also use an anti-theft bag to secure your personal belongings as you explore crowded places.

anti theft bag jpg

Need an anti-theft bag for your city trips?

This gorgeous backpack comes with a zipper pocket on the back, which can store valuables such as mobile phones and wallets.

It’s also waterproof and has a colourful, removable shoulder strap.

Learn more about this pretty anti-theft bag for women.

7. Scarf with a secret pocket

Unfortunately, popular tourist sites like the Eiffel Tower in France or the Trevi Fountain in Rome are a mecca for pick-pockets.

a woman sitting with eiffel tower background
Photo by Jose D´Alessandro on

It can be challenging to look out for pick-pockets when you’re all on your own. However, you can avoid becoming their next victim by putting all of your valuables in a scarf.

Yep, a scarf.

Some infinity scarves aren’t just an accessory – they also serve as safe storage for money, bank cards, and important documents like passports. They come with a secret pocket that isn’t noticeable at all.

This is one of my favorite female travel essentials. It’s light, quirky, and very useful.

infinity scarf

This scarf is the ultimate travel companion.

It’s light and pretty and has a neat hidden pocket where you can store your phone, passport, money, and other valuables.

It also comes in different colours.

Learn more about this infinity scarf for solo female travellers.

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