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Do You Need a VPN for Blogging?

It’s always wise to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when browsing online. One key reason is protecting your data from potential theft.

Bloggers spend a lot of time on the web, which makes them more susceptible to online attacks, especially when accessing unsecured networks. Therefore, a VPN for blogging is a mandatory security tool.

Of all the secure blogging practices, it is the easiest to deploy and one of the most effective. But it’s not just about safety.

Let’s look at the other reasons why you need a VPN for remote blogging.

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Why you should you use a VPN for blogging

1. Data protection

Blogging offers the freedom to work from anywhere, but it comes with risks.

Malicious actors may exploit vulnerabilities in your website to access confidential information. However, by obtaining a VPN, you can establish a secure connection for your online activities and protect your data.

2. Bypass restrictions

Some websites are only accessible in specific countries or locations. This can restrict your access to online information.

In this scenario, a VPN can be immensely helpful. It offers a range of servers across different countries, allowing you to select the appropriate server location and access geolocation-restricted websites.

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Once you learn how to change location on iPhone, you can start reaping the benefits of this technology. For example, VeePN offers as many as 2500+ servers, which means you can unblock almost any site, library, or streaming service.

3. Anti-surveillance

Some governments conduct surveillance on internet users. By utilizing a VPN, you can freely browse and download content while protecting your identity and behaviour from government scrutiny.

As a blogger or journalist, you’ll want to consistently safeguard your information and ensure confidentiality.

4. Online anonymity

Blogging offers a wonderful opportunity to share your thoughts globally, but it also carries certain risks. If someone manages to obtain your blog’s login credentials, it could lead to a data leak.

Even if you opt for a secure blogging platform such as WordPress, there remains the possibility of someone infiltrating your account and stealing your identity.

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By encrypting all traffic and establishing an anonymous online persona, a VPN can safeguard your identity and content. Plus, VPNs serve as an excellent means to maintain connectivity with the online world.

5. Safe use of public Wi-Fi networks

To guarantee remote blogging security when using public Wi-Fi networks, you need a VPN.

When using a public Wi-Fi, your data can be intercepted, and the device itself can be attacked and even infected with viruses. However, a VPN app or even a VPN online browser extension can prevent this.

VPN encryption for writers means no one can access your data. Even if they are intercepted, the information in encrypted form is of no value to hackers, and breaking the code is almost impossible.

6. Secure transactions

There is a potential risk of hackers waiting to steal payment information data when making online transactions on unsecured or untrusted websites.

To ensure secure payments, it is crucial to use a VPN as a middleman. This encrypts all data transfers and prevents any unauthorized access during the process.

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You might want to use this when purchasing web hosting and any third-party software for your blog.

7. Access to discounts

Using a VPN can give you access to discounts that you would otherwise miss out on.

Businesses target and display deals based on your location and the information they gather from your internet behavior. As a result, there are incredible deals that you do not qualify for because they are intended for people in other parts of the world.

For instance, by signing up for Ubersuggest from any location in Asia, you can subscribe for just $12/month. However, if you sign up from the US or UK, the same service will cost you $29/month.

Final thoughts on VPN for blogging

Anyone interested in safe remote work practices should start their journey with a VPN.

Yes, other measures can help you improve your cyber resilience, but they don’t have the same capabilities as a VPN. Ideally, you’ll want to use a combination of strategies, such as encryption and changing your region.

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