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The Best Yoga Retreats in Malta & Gozo

Picture yourself sitting on an idyllic beach, enjoying a cool breeze and the sound of gentle waves, while the sun rises over the Mediterranean Sea.

Sounds magical, right?

Whether you want to pair your sun salutations with delicious cuisine and refreshing swims, or rejuvenate yourself with some meditation and a spot of hiking, Malta is a great destination for yoga lovers.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best yoga retreats in Malta and Gozo. Let’s dive right in!

Yoga Retreats in Malta

Malta is the largest island in the Maltese archipelago, home to several historical sites, bustling towns and stunning beaches.

The island is very busy in summer, which means a lot of places can get crowded and noisy. In fact, the best time to visit Malta is either spring or autumn.

Also, the weather in Malta tends to be mild in spring and autumn – you’ll get sunny days, comfortable temperatures, and perhaps a little rain or wind.

Let’s look at the most popular yoga retreats in Malta.

Luxury Yoga in Mosta

Want to truly spoil yourself? This HotYoga retreat offers daily yoga sessions in a lavish villa with an infinity pool, a jacuzzi, and a large terrace with views over the Maltese countryside.

This retreat is located in Mosta, a traditional Maltese town with plenty of cafes and frequent buses to Valletta.

Yoga styles: Bikram

Levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Group size: Maximum of 10 participants

Duration: 7 days

Learn more about this luxury HotYoga retreat in Mosta.

Yoga & Relaxation in Naxxar

Go on a journey of self-discovery at this yoga retreat in Naxxar. Classes are suitable for all levels and you get to stay in a historic property with stunning modern decor.

Naxxar is located in the centre of the island, so it’s the perfect base if you want to combine your yoga sessions with the best day trips in Malta.

Yoga styles: Nidra

Levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Duration: 5 days

Learn more about this relaxing yoga holiday in Naxxar.

Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training in St. Paul’s Bay

If you’re looking for yoga teacher training in Malta, this course in St. Paul’s Bay may be perfect for you (especially if you’re a beach lover!).

You’ll get 100 hours of in-person training, while staying in a communal apartments by the sea. You’ll also be served vegetarian and vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

St. Paul’s Bay is a peninsula in the north of Malta. It’s a popular tourist resort, with lots of bars, restaurants, and beach lidos.

Yoga styles: Kundalini, Vinyasa

Levels: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced

Group size: Maximum of 4 participants

Duration: 15 days

Learn more about this Buddhi yoga teacher training in Malta.

Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training in Sliema

Want to try something different? This paddleboard yoga teacher training in Sliema combines adventure with wellness.

You’ll be based in Sliema, which is a bustling seaside town with stunning views of Valletta.

During the course, you’ll get personalised paddle coaching and learn how to run your own yoga business.

Yoga styles: Hatha

Levels: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced

Group size: Maximum of 7 participants

Duration: 3 days

Learn more about this paddleboard yoga teacher training in Malta.

Yoga Retreats in Gozo

Gozo is very quiet compared to Malta. It is also more rural and less touristy, so it’s perfect for those who want a relaxing holiday, away from the crowds. Gozo is just a 20-minute ferry ride from Malta.

So, let’s look at some amazing yoga retreats in Gozo.

Scuba Diving & Yoga

Gozo is a diver’s paradise! It’s also the perfect location for a relaxing holiday. This scuba diving yoga retreat will help you pair adventure with wellness.

This program is ideal for beginners. You’ll learn how to dive under the guidance of experience instructors. You’ll also learn the basics of different yoga styles, including aerial and acro.

Yoga styles: Hatha, Aerial, and Acro

Levels: Beginner and intermediate

Group size: Maximum of 8 participants

Duration: 6 days

Learn more about this scuba diving yoga retreat in Gozo.

Soul Searching Retreat

This healing and meditation retreat in Gozo will help you reconnect with your soul. You’ll get one-on-one sessions with a qualified therapist, and guided meditations in an ancient cave.

This Gozo yoga retreat can be tailored to suit your needs and goals. You’ll also have some self-reflection time for journaling and sunset walks.

Yoga styles: Hatha

Levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Group size: Maximum of 1 participant

Duration: 5 days

Learn more about this soul-searching retreat in Gozo.

Slow living and personal healing

Need to slow down? This wellness and healing retreat is all about slow living and personal healing.

Located in the idyllic town of Qala, the retreat offers a variety of one-on-one therapies, including energetic healing and massage.

Yoga styles: Nidra

Levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Group size: Maximum of 6 participants

Duration: 7 days (you also opt for the 5-day retreat)

Learn more about this slow living yoga retreat in Gozo.

Self-Discovery Yoga

This self-discovery yoga retreat in Gozo will take you on a spiritual journey. It’s designed to help you release negative emotions, relax the body and mind, and connect to your inner voice.

Besides yoga sessions, you’ll also benefit from chakra exploration, a communication workshop, and delicious vegetarian meals.

Yoga styles: Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Partner

Levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Group size: 5-9 participants

Duration: 7 days

Learn more about this self-discovery yoga retreat in Gozo.

Reinvigorating Yoga

Reinvigorate yourself at this Kriya Asana yoga retreat in the sleepy village of San Lawrenz. The retreat combines yoga classes and meditation sessions with guided coastal walks.

You also get free time to relax and explore some of Gozo’s hidden gems.

Yoga styles: Vinyasa, Kriya, Restorative

Levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Group size: 4-8 participants

Duration: 8 days

Learn more about this reinvigorating yoga retreat in Gozo.

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