8 Best Food Tours & Cooking Classes in Paris

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Paris – the city of lights, love, and mouth-watering food. It may a popular destination for romantic escapades, but Paris is also a foodie’s paradise. It is a city that can satisfy our most common food cravings with its rich variety of artisan cheese and all sorts of delicious sweet treats.
In fact, if you’re visiting Paris for the first time, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the Parisian lifestyle is to explore the city’s food scene, either by joining gastronomy tours led by locals or taking cooking classes with local chefs.
Whether you are looking for the best food tours in Paris, or you would like to learn how to make your favourite French pastries, here are 8 immersive food experiences that will satiate your taste buds.
1. Learn how to make your own baguettes and croissants
Having a picnic with some fresh baguette, delicious French cheese and a nice bottle of wine is one of the best ways to enjoy a warm Parisian afternoon. However, you can take this typical Parisian experience a step further and learn how to bake baguettes the French way. You’ll be surprised to learn that there is more than one type of baguette. And whilst you’re at it, you could even try your hand at making that other wonderful French snack; the croissant.
Join an expert Parisian baker for a two-hour baguette and croissant workshop.
2. Indulge in sweet treats on a chocolate and pastry tour
If you want to have a memorable time in Paris, be prepared to gorge on delicious French pastries. In other words, spoil yourself! The streets of Paris are teeming with artisan bakeries and chocolate shops, and the best way to immerse yourself in the Parisian dessert scene is to join a tour with a local food connoisseur, where you get to sample some of the best sweet treats in the city.
Satisfy your sugar cravings with a pastry and chocolate tour of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.
3. Explore the historic district of Le Marais through cheese and wine
Nothing beats a perfect pairing of wine and cheese. France is known for both, and your trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a wine and cheese tasting. One of the best places in Paris for sampling local wine and cheese is the old market in the Marais District, which is also a popular shopping area among Parisians.
Sample delicious local produce, including cheese and wine, on this Marais District Food Walking Tour.
4. Immerse yourself in the rich food scene of Montmartre
Patisseries, chocolateries, creperies, boulangeries – these are some of the many food shops and outlets you can find in the beautiful Montmartre district. If you want to spend a day treating yourself to Parisian delicacies, book a gastronomy tour with a local guide who will introduce you to the city’s best-kept food secrets.
Explore Montmartre on a 3-hour gastronomy tour with a local guide.
5. Prepare your own 3-course meal at a cooking class
Whether you want to work on your culinary skills or try something new, taking a cooking class in a city that is known for its rich cuisine and food markets is a must. You can start your cooking class from scratch with a trip to the market to buy fresh, local ingredients and prepare your dishes using traditional French cooking techniques. Plus, you can even learn how to pair particular dishes with the right wine.
Learn how to cook traditional French dishes during a 6-hour cooking class in Paris’ Latin Quarter.
6. Discover the secrets of making delicious macarons
This much-loved French treat is famous the world over. Macarons comes in a variety of pretty colours and rich flavours – imagine if you could learn how to make your own! Fortunately, there are plenty of cooking classes in Paris where you can learn how to make macarons. The process might not be very straight-forward, but you will be taught and supervised by professional French chefs.
Learn how to make macarons with a Parisian chef in the heart of Paris.
7. Take a pastry and dessert course
If you love French pastries, then taking a French pastry course is a must-have experience in Paris. You can learn how to make a variety of French desserts, including lemon meringue, millefeuille and macaroons, using traditional French baking techniques.
Indulge in a variety of desserts on a 3-hour French dessert course with a local chef.
8. Treat yourself to a wine and champagne tasting session
Wine lovers cannot miss out on an opportunity to taste a variety of French wines while visiting Paris. After gorging on French cheese and pastries, a wine and champagne tasting session would be a nice way to end the day. You get to visit wine cellars in the heart of the city with a knowledgeable sommelier guide, where you learn how to taste wine properly and read French wine labels.
Spend an evening in a renovated Paris cellar on an unforgettable French wine and champagne tasting session.
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