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8 Beautiful Gifts for Travel Writers and Bloggers

Are you an avid travel writer, or know someone who enjoys writing and blogging about their travels? In this gift guide, I share 8 beautiful items for travel writers and bloggers, including gorgeous notebooks, powerful writing prompts, personalised stationery and more.
Lonely Planet’s writers and journalists are the experts in travel writing. Not only does this book contain tips for writing beautiful travel prose, but it also teaches you how to make money from travel writing, plus other things you need to know about becoming a successful travel writer; interviewing techniques, research methods, etc. This book is suitable for both beginners and more experienced writers.
A notebook is a travel writer’s best companion. This beautiful leather journal is compact and refillable, which makes it perfect for those writers who travel regularly. It also comes with a lot of extras, including a snazzy pen, a zipper pocket and card holder.
Keep your notes safe with this gorgeous document case. The bag is waterproof and has compartments for different items, including passport, pens, iPad, purse and mobile phone.
Another companion for travel writers, a pen can be both practical and meaningful. This set of pen and pencil allows you to add a personal touch to it by engraving a name or a message. It also comes in a box that will keep your items safe.
Every writer gets writer’s block once in a while. If you are looking for inspiration for your next story, or contemplating a change in your writing style, these beautifully-written stories by leading travel writers might be just what you need to help yourself get back on track.
Another great tool for breaking through writer’s block is this pack of prompts. These cards are not exactly writing prompts, however they will help you seek out new experiences and adventures which can result in one awesome story.
This organiser is perfect for writers who like to plan their writing schedule and keep to-do lists. It also comes with tabbed dividers, pockets for storing loose notes and gorgeous stickers to make your week a bit more colourful.
Need a better writing schedule? This beautiful planner helps you set goals, increase productivity and keep a record of your progress. You can also use it for making travel plans.
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