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6 Romantic Things To Do on Your Honeymoon in Lisbon

Post by Hannah Mayer.  

While beautiful beaches and winter wonderlands tend to be the most popular honeymoon destinations, you can make yours a little more unique by spending it in the lovely city of Lisbon.

Portugal is becoming a very popular tourist destination, which shouldn’t be a surprise, as its capital is filled with romantic sights and adventures for you and your spouse to explore.  

So without further ado, here are the top 6 romantic things to do in Lisbon.  

romantic things to do in Lisbon
Belem Tower

1. Go on a cruise along the Tagus River

Encompassing over 1,007 kilometres of water, the Tagus River is the longest one in the Iberian Peninsula. Taking a cruise along this particular river is a wonderful way for you and your spouse to spend your honeymoon. Smooth sailing is definitely ahead, as the cruises here allow you to sit back, relax, and admire Lisbon’s loveliest sights.

And if you choose to board a sunset cruise, you can marvel at the majestic Belém Tower together during the idyllic golden hour.  

romantic things to do in Lisbon
Lisbon’s quirky neighbourhoods

2. Explore Bairro Alto

Aside from being known as Lisbon’s bohemian district, Bairro Alto is considered its cultural heart as well. The cobblestone streets will transport you and your partner into one of Portugal’s most charming spots, as it’s filled with endearing cafés, artisanal shops, and artwork that will leave you both inspired.  

Don’t forget to sample the quarter’s signature dish Bacalhau à Brás, which is a dish of shredded codfish mixed with onions, potatoes, and eggs — and it usually comes in a serving ideal for two. You can end the day here by travelling on the charming Bica Funicular. This famous white and yellow railway line will show you the most picturesque sights of the district.  

pastel de nata | romantic things to do in lisbon
Pastel de nata

3. Have a picnic at Jardim Botânico Tropical

Jardim Botânico Tropical is a little tropical getaway for you and your partner in Lisbon. You can enjoy its lush greenery by having a picnic and indulging in the finest Portuguese pastries, as just a five-minute walk away from this garden is the well-loved Pastéis de Belém bakery.

While the pastel de nata can be found almost anywhere, Condé Nast Traveller suggests that this legendary bakery creates the best version in Lisbon. Along with your cinnamon-dusted custard tarts, you both can enjoy the day nestled together outdoors.  

Play poker in Lisbon!

4. Visit the Casino Estoril

With its luxurious facilities, world-class service, and jazz concerts, Casino Estoril will not only make you look on in awe, it has a very romantic atmosphere that will make it even more memorable as well. Plus, it’s home to one of Europe’s most prestigious poker rooms that you absolutely must check out, even if you aren’t a huge poker fan. Be sure to prepare yourselves for the game, as it’s essential to familiarise yourselves with the terminologies involved in the game.

PPPoker’s Instagram page lists terms like ‘family pot’ and ‘heater’, which are commonly used by experienced players and will definitely help you spot a ‘bluff’ while playing at the tables. By studying the terminologies beforehand, you’ll not only have the proper knowledge to understand the game, but you and your partner can enjoy the time you spend here during your honeymoon even more.  

Watch a world-class performance in Lisbon

5. Watch a show at Teatro São Carlos

For a fancy night out in Lisbon, you and your loved one can spend the night at the prestigious Portuguese theatre, Teatro São Carlos. Constructed in the late 18th century, the building’s magnificent neoclassical architecture can charm any couple that decides to visit its vast halls.

The theatre is home to the country’s most spectacular opera and ballet performances. Aside from the spectacle of the shows themselves, attending a show is the perfect excuse to wear your best outfits during your honeymoon.  

Lisbon in the evening

6. Watch the sunset at Ribeira das Naus

Before you say goodbye to the gorgeous city of Lisbon, why not end your honeymoon by the sea? As a former boatyard, the Ribeira das Naus is now a riverfront promenade that looks over the great Tagus River. You can grab a cup of coffee, and sit watching the sunset for a truly exceptional view of Lisbon.

This is a wonderful memory to add to your honeymoon, as you and your spouse can reminisce about the romantic adventures you’ve shared together in this magical city.

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